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ASSET Suite of Products

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Edge Origination: Structures The Deal


  • Design and support sophisticated financial products

  • Configurable workflow management with automatic routing with event driven notifications

  • Asset or contract based pricing

  • "Quick App" form available from Windows or Web interfaces.

  • Embedded TValue for pricing; available SuperTRUMP integration

  • Extensive interim rent support


Life Cycle Origination

Edge origination provides a multiple-channel customer information capture, pricing, asset selection and structuring for transactions of any size and complexity.

Customer and/or prospect information can be brought in from a variety of sources including Edge’s CRM module, internal or external websites, Edge’s own web portal, FAX, an existing CRM or front-end platform, or manual input.

Edge can take the information, verify all necessary information is present, and populate a customer quote based on configurable business rules specific to a financial product, program, and/or asset type.

Flexible quote templates are created and managed in MS Word.

Quotation pricing can be delivered using a variety of financial product or program metaphors, including built-in rate sheets, embedded TValue™, or a SuperTRUMP interface.

Edge catalogues enable both the selection of specific assets contained in inventory and the use of standardized asset classifications and descriptions essential to downstream credit, securitization, syndication, and asset management activities.

Edge’s configurable business rules ensure that all information essential to downstream processing is captured at the point of entry.

Edge workflow seamlessly passes the quotation to other interested parties in the organization (credit, asset management, syndication, etc.) for their review and approval.
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