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ASSET Suite of Products

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Edge Funding & Booking: Gets The Deal Live


  • Definable task lists with automated reminders 
  • Detailed invoice tracking with integrated check requests 
  • Support for progress payments, partial payments, scheduled payments and payments to third parties 
  • Support for debt based funding, syndication and warehouse lines 
  • Interfaces to all industry standard lease accounting packages 
  • Native integration with ASSET

Life Cycle Funding

The Edge auditing, funding and booking components provide a comprehensive set of tools for post-decision activities, ultimately booking the deal into the portfolio management system of record for servicing.

Edge's task module allows for the creation of template driven or deal specific tasks which function as an audited activity list.

Edge's history module keeps an audit trail of all field changes in every object associated with the process which includes the changing user, the time and date of the changes and the current and previous values of the field.

The Edge funding module allows for direct supplier or third party funding and supports payments tied directly to invoices and progress or partial payments.

The Edge pre-booking module interfaces with numerous accounting systems including Constellation's own ASSET system and enforces embedded validation checks on the data being transferred.

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