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ASSET Suite of Products

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Edge Credit: Intelligent Credit Adjudication & Automation



  • Program-based scorecard & rate sheet options 
  • North American bureau & PayNet support 
  • Multi-level, multi-currency exposure available 
  • Database storage of credit reports 
  • Customer level credit histories 
  • Enforced approval matrix support 
  • Automated notifications 
  • Real-time credit pipeline


Life Cycle Credit

Edge Credit delivers flexible, configurable, rules-based credit automation for any type of asset finance business model.

Edge Credit is fully integrated with all North American major credit bureaus.

Credit scoring is facilitated based internal scorecards or a via an interface with FICO® LiquidCredit®.

The Edge workflow engine distributes proposed transactions to credit analysts based on configurable parameters and enforces approval authorities as needed, including tiered or committee-based approvals.

All workflow progressions are date and time-stamped, thereby enabling tracking and reporting of key processing metrics and service levels for all stages of the credit process.

Edge workflow can escalate transactions to available resources a supervisor if not actioned within a prescribed amount of time.

Decision notifications are tracked in Edge in real-time automatically sent via fax or email to interested parties as required.

Middle market credit processes are supported via internal or external write-up capabilities, financial analyses and collection and management of credit related documents.

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