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ASSET Suite of Products

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ASSET Securitizations & Syndications: Buying & Selling Deals



  • Automatic, rules-based package creation 
  • Individual funder rules management 
  • On-screen dynamic work lists 
  • Supports fine tuning of package selection/gaming 
  • Generates automatic funding GL entries & servicing fees


Life Cycle Securitizaions & Syndications

ASSET provides comprehensive support for syndications, securitizations, and agreements involving multi-investor participations.

Pools of agreements for sale or syndication can be build quickly and easily in-system without need for complicated export/import processes common to less sophisticated platforms.
All aspects of one lease or loan agreement can be shared in any proportion, including payment streams, residual values and ad-hoc fees.

ASSET supports the creation of multiple amortization schedules for the agreement, including lessor, partner, and the lessee perspective.

Once the contract is active, all financial transactions on the agreement, from booking, billing, cash applications, income recognition and early termination, are automatically managed at the partner level.  ASSET will seamlessly manage the complexities of what could be potentially hundreds of transactions under a single agreement number.

Both serviced and in-house portfolios can be "ring-fenced" and managed in the same ASSET instance.

ASSET is well suited to building pools of agreements for syndication and securitization with full accounting support.

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