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ASSET Suite of Products

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ASSET Portfolio Management: Flexibility With Controls



  • Full lease and loan (including per-diem and revolving lines of credit) product support. 
  • ACH & PAAP payments, both one-time and scheduled 
  • Wizard-driven contract restructures eliminates "delete and re-book" inefficiencies 
  • Internal or outsourced invoice print & presentment


Life Cycle Portfolio Management

ASSET’s portfolio management comprehensive capabilities include the ability to manage fixed and floating rate lease and loan contracts on an asset or contract basis.

Multiple subsidies, participations and/or syndications on each contract are supported.

Automated cash application using ACH and PAAP is provided for both scheduled and one-time payments.

Invoicing can be generated by ASSET and printed in-house or outsourced via automated feed.

Automation is enhanced through the ability to template financial products and the characteristics embodied within across your portfolio, delivering for “build once, use many” efficiency with systematic controls.

Variable payments, deferrals and interest free periods, and progress payments are fully supported.

An optional automated general ledger interface simplifies passing accounting entries from ASSET to the group or enterprise general ledger.

Sales and use tax rates and rules can be managed through an interface to a service provider or manually in-system.

Property tax assessment and payments are supported.

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