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ASSET Suite of Products

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ASSET Funding & Booking: Gets The Deal "Live"



  • Support for leases, scheduled and daily interest loans, and revolving lines of credit 
  •  Book and manage transactions on an asset or contract basis 
  • Support for multi-investor syndications, securitizations, and participated agreements 
  • Multi-currency support


Life Cycle Funding

ASSET allows the booking and ongoing management of a wide variety of financial products, including fixed and floating rate leases and loans, revolving lines of credit, syndicated agreements, and multi-investor transactions with participation's, subsidies, and/or blind discounts.

Transactions can be booked into ASSET on an asset or contract basis within the same portfolio, allowing both the precision of asset-level book entries and streamlined contract-based management and book entries where required.

Operating lease tests ensure proper lease classifications prior to booking; post-booking restructures can be subject to re-test as well.

ASSET's loan management  provides the ability to flag loans for either cash or accrual based accounting and can dynamically recalculate the customer’s amortization schedule based on early or late payment.

Loan features including interest only and fixed principal plus interest payments are supported.

Multi-currency agreements (e.g. book in CAD, invoice in USD, or vice-versa) are supported.

ASSET manages both operating and tax books.

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