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ASSET Suite of Products

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End Of Term & Inventory: Delivers Remarkable Remarketing



  • Supports inventory cost component build-up 
  • Supports supplier tracking 
  • Unlimited file attachments for pictures, inspections, etc. 
  • Supports uploads to remarketing sites 
  • Generates remarketing and re-solicitation documents


Life Cycle Inventory

ASSET allows you to track assets that are in inventory, either before booking or after termination from a contract.

Inventory parameters can be defined at the customer/client level, providing optimal flexibility for tracking and reporting. 

All assets in inventory retain the history of all prior transactions associated with the asset, thereby enabling calculation of whole-life profitability.

Multiple assets can be combined into a single bundle for sale.  Assets can be put on “hold” for a prospective buyer, and re-enter inventory if needed.

Photographs, inspection reports, and other supporting documentation can be attached to the asset record.

An optional web interface allows transfer of asset information for on-line or remote marketing purposes.

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