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ASSET Suite of Products

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ASSET Document Management: Concise Client Communication



  • Configurable document templates deliver "build once, use many" efficiency 
  • Templates can be associated with financial products, customers, and/or programs 
  • MS Word and SAP Crystal Reports design options; delivery in .pdf format 
  • Automated production and distribution


The ASSET document management functionality allows clients to use transaction information and information from internal and external sources, to build, populate, send, and store important transaction documents.  All documents are linked to the source agreements for easy retrieval if required.

Documents can be associated with variety of transaction elements including customer, program, asset type, or financial product, delivering "build once, use many" process scaling and efficiency.

Document design formats are easily developed and deployed using MS Word templates.

Anyone integral to the transaction, from sales staff to legal advisers, can collaborate, design, and deploy complex business documents.

Standard and/or customer-specific contracts and other documents can be prepared in real-time. Finalized documents are printed in the industry standard .PDF format .

ASSET allows for ancillary documents prepared in other applications to be linked to a transaction for future reference.

Electronic signatures are supported.

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