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ASSET Suite of Products

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ASSET Customer Service: Questions Answered



  • Support for viewing asset details 
  • Group and customer overviews 
  • Views by contract party - dealer, gurantor, etc. 
  • Word-based document templates 
  • Automated buyout/settlement quotes 
  • Ad-hoc fee generation 
  • Web-based customer self-service portal option


Life Cycle Customer Service

ASSET's leasing software improves the customer service experience for customers and third parties, by efficiently supporting all day to day customer information requests.

System navigation is designed to enable quick and accurate responses to telephone inquiries.  Customer service reps can access an optimized, comprehensive overview of the customer’s details in one place, including all parties on the agreement, amortization schedules, collection information, all documentation created for the customer, as well as detailed billing and payment histories.

ASSET provides easy access to additional information such as asset, contract and customer insurance policies, PPSA and UCC Registration details, collateral and a full audit history for the contract.

Transaction documents can be imaged and associated with contract records within ASSET, eliminating the need to access external document management platforms.

Through the employ of the optional insurance interface ASSET can be used to both track and enforce insurance covenants, ensuring all assets are covered by a lessee policy. 

With appropriate security measures in place, the authorized user can easily provide early settlement quotes and initiate financial amendments to the lease or loan contract.

A wizard process throughout the product allows traditionally complex situatio

ns such as contract rebookings and financial amendments to an agreement without the need to delete and re-book the transaction.

Customer self-service is delivered through an optional, password-protected web interface.

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