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ASSET Suite of Products

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ASSET Collections: Keeps Accounts Current



  • Auto-escalation and assignment of work queues based on configurable business rules 
  • Dashboard delivers simplified view of customer delinquency at a glance 
  • Automated reminder notes ensure important information is not overlooked 
  • Delinquency records are updated real time as payments are received 
  • Work queues can be reassigned during absence ensuring constant coverage


Life Cycle Collections

The Collections Management module within ASSET allows Managers to define Collections work queues based on various criteria, including, but is not restricted to delinquency value, age of delinquency, geographic location, portfolio and customer.

Work queues can be reviewed prior to being published and exception rules for missed contracts as well as contracts that have been assigned to more than one collector may be implemented.

Workload is evenly and appropriately distributed among the team using ASSET workflow capabilities.  For example, the most senior collectors can be assigned particularly difficult accounts, ensuring a greater rate of success.

Collectors have on screen access to all pertinent details about deals in their queue, such as detailed and summary information about any overdue amounts, notes detailing the customer's history, copies of any correspondence as well as contact information.

Integration with call systems using number recognition and predictive dialing we ensure agents are prepared to have fully informed conversation with the customer before they even pick up the phone.

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